Clancyjames will never voluntarily disclose personal identifiable information about the subscribers, users, members and customers of the Site to third party companies.The only exception would be if we first sought and gained the express permission of the subscriber, user, member or customer.

We view our users, customers, members as our most important asset and maintain complete integrity and ethical responsibility when handling information pertaining to you. As such, we take the issue of protecting your privacy very seriously.

Where users are required to provide credit card details to complete a transaction, Clancyjames will take reasonable steps to ensure the security of the user’s credit card transaction. Our online credit card payments are processed by Suncorp Bank using their payment system. This is external to our internet site. Clancyjames does not store online any credit card details.

Where users choose to pay using PayPal, this is also external to internet site and Clancyjames does not store any user information provided to Paypal.

Clancyjames stores are fitted with electronic survelliance equipment. This equipment records video and audio. Unless required by law, or as part of legal proceedings, recordings are kept by Clancyjames for no more than 3 months and then destroyed.