Quality Meats Brisbane – Here we have prepared a beginners Meat Cut Guide to the various cuts of meat and their recommended uses.


1. Head – Can be used to make braun.
2. Ears – Traditionally smoked and used for pet food.
3. Jowl – Mostly used in small goods and sausages.
4. Pork Neck (Collar Butt) – Great for roasting and slow cooking to make pulled pork. Can be have the rind on or off. The fat though the meat gives it loads of flavour and it remains nice and moist.
5. Rack – Can be used as a roast or cut into individual pieces to make “cutlets”. Can have the rind on or off. Normally there are 10 bones (pins) to a full pork rack.
6. Loin – the “t-bone” of pork. Traditionally sold as pork loin chops, but can also be sold as a boneless rolled loin roast.
7. Rump – Typically sold as a roast, but makes great streaks also
8. Leg – Can be used for roasting, diced, strips and to make leg ham.
9. Belly – Loads of flavour in the belly. Can be roasted or cut into steaks.
10. Ribs – Slow cooked.
11. Blade – Typically diced
12. Hock – Can be cooked slowly or smoked to make ham hocks.
13. Trotters – Many recipes use these in the making of stock.


1. Chuck – Ideal for slow cooking (minimum 2 hours) in stew, curries and casseroles.
2. Blade – Roast or steaks
3. Rib Fillet – Steaks
4. Brisket – Roast or slow cooking
5. Sirloin – Steaks
6. Flap – Sausages
7. T-bone – Steaks
8. Eye Fillet – Steaks or roasting
9. Flank – Slow cooking
10. Rump, Topside – Steaks, roasts, diced and stirfry
11. Silverside and Round – Mince, diced and to be “corned”
12. Shank – slow cooking


1. Breast – A very utilitarian cut which can be used for a multitude of recipes and methods. Just beware, it can dry out if over cooked.
2. Leg – Roast, BBQ or or slow cooked (eg curry).
3. Thigh – Roast, BBQ or slow cooked (eg curry). Tends to be a darker coloured flesh than the breast. Does not dry out as quickly as the breast. Can keep the skin on and leave the bone in. When the bone is in, it is often referred to as a chicken cutlet. When still attached to the leg, this is called the Chicken Maryland.
4. Wing – Great snack food either oven baked or BBQ. Can be used for stock and soups
5. Back – Great for soups and stock
6. Neck – Great for soups and stock
Our chicken contains no added hormones or steroids.