Some general advice and facts about our products

1. Queensland Government Healthy eating :-
Healthy eating involves nutritious dietary patterns to promote good health throughout life. Babies and children need good nutrition to grow normally and develop well. As adults, good nutrition supports physical and mental health, resistance to infection, protection against chronic diseases and premature death, and enhanced quality of life.

This site provides a wide range of information about healthy eating, including resources such as fact sheets and where to go if you need further advice.  Read More..
2. Red Meat nutrition for the whole family, including some tips on weight loss is explained by Meat and Livestock Australia’s very informative site called  This also has a wide selection of recipes and much more.  Read more..

3. Want to match the beef or lamb cuts with the best cooking methods? Here is how..

Smart phone and tablet apps:-

SteakMate –
The SteakMate app is designed to help you cook the perfect steak – no matter how you like it. SteakMate is your best friend when barbecuing or pan-frying Beef steaks. It ensures you have a great eating experience every time and takes the guess work out of cooking Beef steaks.  Find out more..
Lamb Roast –
The LambRoast app is designed to help you cook the perfect lamb roast. It ensures you have a great experience every time by taking the guess work out of cooking lamb roasts.  Find out more..

Information about MSA Grading

MSA (Meat Standards Australia) is a grading program run by the Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation to ‘de-risk’ the purchasing of meat to the point where it is “guaranteed tender”. For more information about the MSA grading program please visit

Clancyjames relies on the MSA Grading program as part of its purchasing processes.

Chicken misconceptions

All the facts on chicken meats is well laid out at At this site you can research all the facts on the chicken meat industry in Australia.

One often asked question is “Are your chickens hormone free”. All living animals have some hormones – it’s a natural phenomena! So the accurate answer to the question is yes, but only those that occur naturally. No chickens bred for meat in Australia are fed hormones to speed growth.

Refer the press release of the of Australian Chicken Meat Federation 27 June 2006 for more details.

Clancyjames stocks both ordinary meat chickens and Bendele Farm Organic chickens.


Myth: Pork is a fatty meat
Fact: Actually there are no fewer than 7 cuts of Pork which have less fat than skinless chicken breast, and 15 cuts approved by the National Heart Foundation.

Myth: Pork is dry and tasteless.
Fact: Pork is at its juicy, succulent best when cooked with a hint of pink in the middle. Pork can dry out when overcooked — so remember, if you want to enjoy your Pork juicy and tender, less is more! A little less time in the cooking means a lot more juiciness in the eating. Try cooking Pork with a hint of pink in the middle as you would for beef or lamb.

Myth: You have to cook Pork right through.
Fact: Many people were brought up to believe Pork needed to be cooked well done, or right through. If the truth be told, it’s never been necessary with Australian Pork. Our farmers use the safest most advanced techniques, which means our Pork is of the highest standard.

Myth: Pork is difficult to cook.
Fact: Pork is fast and easy to cook. Try a 6 minute steak. Cook your steak in a medium heat pan for 3 minutes. Turn once. Cook the other side for 3 minutes. Remove from pan and rest for one minute. Serve — and enjoy the juicy flavour!

Myth: Pork is a white meat.
Fact: Meat can be classed by its colour. The red colour results from the presence of two iron-containing proteins, which are involved in oxygen transportation and storage. When both iron and oxygen are present these proteins have a red colour — and that’s why Australian Pork is so pink. It can be classed as a red meat, and is a source of iron.

Myth: Pork is only good for a Sunday roast.
Fact: Roast Pork is the classic combination of juicy meat and crisp crackling — however Pork is much more than that. It’s a magnificently versatile meat, perfect for BBQs and simple, quick steak recipes, but also the best meat for stir fries, meatballs, kebabs, tortillas, spaghetti bolognaise, you name it.

Myth: Pork does not go well with different sauces.
Fact: Pork goes fantastically well with a huge range of flavours and cooking styles! Pork pairs perfectly with sauces like plum, soy, oyster, chilli, traditional English and ginger. And it’s the only meat which goes really well with delicious fruity sauces like lemon and apple.

Myth: Pork is old fashioned and expensive.
Fact: Pork has to be the cleverest meal choice for the way we lead our lives today! There’s a range of Pork cuts which are very, very low in fat, Pork is a great source of essential nutrients and it goes brilliantly with a huge range of modern flavours and cooking styles. Pork is also great value especially compared to equivalent beef and lamb cuts.

For more information about pork we suggest