Clancyjames expands its pork offering to include Tillari Trotters Freerange Pork PLUS nitrite free ham and bacon.

Clancyjames is pleased to now stock Tillari Trotters Freerange pork.  From the Warwick area, Tillari Trotters bread Tamworth pigs.  See

Tillari Trotters is truely freerange – we have been to the farm and seen the vast areas that the pigs have to roam. Sows are not stalled, they are able to roam freely pre and post giving birth. Tillari Trotters is Australian Pork Industry Freerange Accredited.

Currently only our Yeronga and Taringa Stores stock this product.

After much research and product development, we have perfected the production of Nitrite Free Ham and Bacon.  Due to the short shelf life, we are now takling orders for sales.